instructional videos

This page is for videos regarding the practical use of traditional atlatl and dart tackle.  Click the below links to view the videos.

Making “Sand Dune Cave” style atlatl fingerloops:

Using chamois (fish oil tanned goat hide) for the leather, and thin Knox Gelatine for the hide glue.  Chamois can be purchased at automotive stores, and gut can be obtained from butcher shops.  Wash the chamois hide well and let dry to remove excess tanning oil, and rinse the gut well to remove salt (It is almost always sold packed in salt or soaked in brine).

How to use atlatl weights with truncated handle atlatls:

Sizing Basketmaker II atlatls and darts with body-based measurements:

Making (Non traditional) adjustable atlatl fingerloops:

3 Piece Atlatl Takedown Darts

Making a takedown dart with dowels, NSF pipe and a pex pile

Woodworking with a Hatchet

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