Artifacts and Replications

Pages with information about artifacts and artifact replications. When applicable, these are listed first by common name, site or place name, and State where the site is located. More often than not the common name and site name are one in the same. Titles follow the listed names in articles.

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Broken Roof Cave, Cist 1, Arizona

Ceremonial Cave, Texas

Chavez Cave, New Mexico

Comparison of spur shapes – multiple sites

Foreshafts – several sites

Hogup Cave, Utah

Huck Atlatl, Utah?

Hyde Atlatl, Grand Gulch, Utah

Kinboko Canyon, Burial Cave 1, Cist 10, Arizona

Kramer Cave, site 26WA196, Nevada

Nicolarson Cave, site NV-Wa-197, Nevada

Ozark Bluff-dweller, Alred Shelter, Arkansas

Spring Creek Cave, site 48WA1, Wyoming

Tsegi Canyon Cave 2 or 3, Arizona

Tularosa Cave, New Mexico

White Dog Cave, Arizona

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